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No. of Classes/Sessions : 15

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Total Hours: 45

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No individual can do each work alone. Everybody requires some thought or an expert help to improve the things and look delightful. Illustrations Design is most imperative as far as workmanship and independence. A decent structure ought to be spotless, readable and alluring which empowers us to get some reaction from the crowd. A plan investigates the originator's capacity and masterful aptitudes. It is a technique for correspondence between the watchers and the architects. A plan empowers an individual to express his vision and thoughts to convey successfully and proficiently through his work.

Course Fee: 5,000.00Tk
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

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Course Outline

Professional Graphics Design Cover Image

Adobe Photoshop


No. Of Classes

 Unit 1: Getting started

          Topic A: File types

          Topic B: The Photoshop environment

          Topic C: Tool options and presets

Unit 2: Image selections

          Topic A: Selection techniques

          Topic B: Modifying selections

1 Class

Unit 3: Layers

          Topic A: Creating layers

          Topic B: Transform controls

          Topic C: Using type layers

2 Classes

Unit 4: Basic image adjustments

          Topic A: Levels adjustments

          Topic B: Curves adjustments

1 Class

Unit 5: Repairing and retouching images

          Topic A: Repairing image defects

          Topic B: Retouching images

          Topic C: Removing image areas

          Topic D: Painting

          Topic E: Using filters

2 Classes

Unit 6: Re-sizing images

          Topic A: Image resolution

          Topic B: Image canvas size

Unit 7: Managing files

          Topic A: Outputting projects

1 Class


Adobe Illustrator


No. Of Classes

Unit 1: Customizing the Workspace

          Topic A: Using workspaces

          Topic B: Using multiple artboards

1 Class

Unit 2: Using symbols

          Topic A: Working with Symbols

          Topic B: Symbolism tools and sets

1 Class

Unit 3: Using Color tools

          Topic A: Color Groups

          Topic B: Color adjustments

1 Class

Unit 4: Painting tools

          Topic A: Creating and using brushes

          Topic B: Creating and using patterns

          Topic C: Transparency and blending modes

2 Classes

Unit 5: Working with Images

          Topic A: Using Image Trace

          Topic B: Perspective drawing

1 Class

Unit 6 Type styles & effects

          Topic A: Creating type on a path

          Topic B: Scaling and rotating type

          Topic C: Working with fonts

1 Class


*** Review and Make-up Classes: Required number of review classes will be prrovided during the running of the course. Make-up classes will be scheduled if any class is cancelled.

*** Evaluation Examination: Every student must have to seat for an evaluation examination at the end of the course and they must individually submit final project assigned to them. Without attending evaluation examination and submitting final project, none will be allowed to apply for certificate.


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