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Professional Android Application Development

Professional Android Application Development

Mobile Application Development has high market share in today’s world. This course will be totally focused on building industry standard Android Mobile Development from scratch.

Course At a Glance

Date: 10th March, 2019 - 31st May, 2019

No. of Classes/Sessions : 15

Last Date of Registration : 5th March, 2019

Total Hours: 50.00

Class Schedule :

Monday - 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM,
Wednesday - 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM

Course Fee: 10,000.00Tk
(Excluding VAT & TAX)

Early Bird Registration Fee: 9000Tk

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Course Outline

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Unit 1: Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concept  at  JAVA (2 Classes)


  1. Creating Class and object  at NetBeans / others
  2. Initializing class properties with parameterized Constructor.
  3. Benefit of  overloading Constructors
  4. What is Collections in Java?  Comparison between Arrays and collections.
  5. Brief about Inheritance.
  6. Method Overriding & simplifying code with Run Time Polymorphism.
  7. Design principles:
    • Abstract Classes and Methods,
    • Singleton  Class with factory method,
    • Twists of ‘static’ and ‘final’ Interface & its implementations.

Unit 2: Instigation to Android (2 Classes)


  1. Android SDK and Platform specification, various SDK versions. Installing Android Studio.
  2. Inauguration to Android Studio.
  3. Structure of Android projects and procedures.
  4. Study to the separation between Design and Logic parts to build a scalable and extendable project.
  5. Manifest and other Resource files.
  6. Gradle – The backbone.

Unit 3: Interface and Navigation (2 Classes)


  1. Designing app screens with Layouts and Widgets.
  2. Managing Click and Touch.
  3. Ways to design effective navigation.
  4. Swipe views.
  5. Creating Menu, Pop up Dialogs and custom Dialogs.
  6. Creating Searching Interface, search anything with suggestions.
  7. Creating Notifications.

Unit 4: Activity (2 Classes)


  1. Different states of an Activity.
  2. Learning hold states / data within the activity.
  3. Data passing from one activity to another.
  4. Learning interactions with other applications.
  5. Small project of creating an (Including dialling a number, send an SMS).
  6. How to use camera on an app.

Unit 5: Inner explorations (2 Classes)


  1. Creating worker thread for heavy / long running tasks.
  2. Purpose of Progress Bar using AsyncTask API.
  3. Get and upload data using Web APIs.
  4. Importance & implementation of Intent Services.
  5.  Boot Operation related tasks.
  6. Method of passing data to different applications.

Unit 6: Database (2 Classes)


  1.  Basics of database and how it works.
  2. Login session.
  3.  Firebase Cloud Real Time Database.
  4. Register / login using Firebase Authentication.
  5. How to use Firebase Cloud Storage.

Unit 7: Map (2/3 Classes)


  1. Introduction to map and its parameter.
  2. Working with nearby locations and show them to Map.
  3. Calculating on distance between multiple locations.
  4. Working on real time direction on map between multiple locations.
  5.  Conversion of Latitude/Longitude to street address and vice versa using Geocoding and reverse Geocoding API.
  6. Learn on real time check in

Unit 8: Practical session (1 Class)


A project based application development.